Kicked in the Head: The Equestrian Helmet

Equestrian helmets may not be the biggest fashion sensation today, but there are some stories behind them. The distinctive style of the helmet, kept even in these days of modern materials and cutting-edge design, still reflects the tradition of conservatism proliferated by the early English riding headdress.

16 Free Horse Wallpapers for your Desktop

You probably loved our FREE MOBILE WALLPAPERS HERE, and now it is time to get the ones for your desktop. Just follow the same path and click the Download button below each photo and you will have some great free wallpapers to spice up your PC or Mac with some excellent wallpapers.

How to easily and cheaply make a rope halter for your horse

Have you ever seen these beautiful handmade rope halters that are in any color of the rainbow? Well, today we are sharing a video with you explaining you exactly how to easily and cheaply make your own for your horse, pony or donkey.