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Why Quiet Hands Are Important when Riding Horse | Horse Lovers with Passion
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Why Quiet Hands Are Important when Riding Horse


If a rider want quiet hands, don’t start with trying to quiet the hands. You need to start to establish a secure, flexible, elastic and independent seat.

Why do you need an independent seat? Because the concussion created by trotting and cantering horses creates waves of motion that either absorbed by the rider’s seat, or are avoided, as much as possible, by having the rider post at the trot and get in a half seat in the canter, or, worst case scenario, having those shock waves jolt the rider around. So to fix your hands, first fix your seat. All the best teachers understand that if a rider has not trained his / her body to become part of the motion, that students is not adroit a rider as the ones whose independent seats go with a rather than at cross purposes to the motion of the moving horse.
If an coach does not insist that a learner be encouraged to acquire that “independent seat”, it will be because of one or more reasons.

In the picture you can see the riders hands are not quiet and the rider is pulling on the horse mouth.

Reason 1 – The coach does not know.
Reason 2 – The coach has tried, the learner has resisted, and rather than persevere and probably lose the learner’s income, the coach thinks, “The heck with it. If she / he doesn’t want it, far be it for me to insist”.
Reason 3 – The coach realizes that because of health or physical issues, the learner probably require to be kept at a less competitive level.
Reason 4 – The coach knows what the young learner should learn, but the ambitious parents want the kid out competing, and don’t want to go through the sometimes long waiting period while the learner learns to ride.
Conclusion is that we see so many many horse having to endure the rough, uneducated hands of so many many uneducated riders, who may actually understand the concept that quiet hands are some sort of “good thing”, but do not understand that quiet hands are a by-product of a quiet seat.
It is amazing how many riders resist acquiring an independent seat, when that single skills unlocks so many other riding doors, and it absence guarantees that those doors remain locked shut. And, as they say, it IS a choice.
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