Kicked in the Head: The Equestrian Helmet

Equestrian helmets may not be the biggest fashion sensation today, but there are some stories behind them. The distinctive style of the helmet, kept even in these days of modern materials and cutting-edge design, still reflects the tradition of conservatism proliferated by the early English riding headdress.

Man rescue a Foal Stuck on a Bridge

There’s a reason why there aren’t just human beings on this planet. The reason can be simply the way genetics went or the evolution sorted things or it can be an answer to why human beings need companions other than the humans themselves and who else can really fill in the requirement other than an animal that is a pet and what possibly can get better than having a horse as a companion.

Top 10 Horse Race Tournaments Around the World

Thanks to evolution it actually helped us get blessed with the animals that are going to look majestic whenever they are up for a run. One of such animals that are always more than just an amazing creature is horses. What good can a horse be if it can’t run in a race and what best can be a race if it’s not on a global level?