Kicked in the Head: The Equestrian Helmet

Equestrian helmets may not be the biggest fashion sensation today, but there are some stories behind them. The distinctive style of the helmet, kept even in these days of modern materials and cutting-edge design, still reflects the tradition of conservatism proliferated by the early English riding headdress.

An Appaloosa called Moonshine saved a Michigan minister

Moonshine, now called the Hero Horse, aided in saving an adult male trapped below a tractor. Moonshine is a polite, 15-year-old Appaloosa gelding who lives in St. Clair County in Michigan. But on Tuesday, July 11, his behavior was...

How to Stop Bad Behavior in Horses

How to Stop Bad Behavior in Horses

Horses can do many things that are annoying, frustrating, or downright dangerous. Take Finn, the young horse who likes to nip and bite when he gets bored, or Winter, the pony who would rather buck than trot with a rider. What about Sydney, the Thoroughbred gelding who slams on the brakes at every other jump, or Nell, the grey mare who fidgets and paws in the crossties?